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Many people get a puzzled look on their face when they hear the term “Sales Outsourcing” or “Outsourced Sales.”  So, for those of you who hear the term and have visions of call centers in other countries, here is what outsourced sales actually is.

According to Wikipedia: 

Sales Outsourcing is a growing and ever more popular way for companies to attract increased, high volumes of sales for their products or services by using a 3rd party. The Company typically uses outsourcing companies to improve sales volumes without links to the sales teams that carry out those campaigns. The company that undertakes the outsourcing normally will be payed based on the results that they are able to generate and therefore creates a mutually beneficial situation for both Client and outsource.”

Frequently Asked Questions
(You Asked, We Answered)

Q: How would my company benefit from your team?

A: Here at RCG we are always looking to take on new challenges and are open to any and every industry. We always want to make sure that any type of client we take on that it is going to be a win, win, win scenario where the client (you) the customer and RCG all benefit from the relationship.

We do this by having a test pilot to before committing to long term. The test usually is an 8 week program where at the end we discuss if both parties want to move forward.

Q: What kind of marketing does RCG do?

A: Great question! Here at RCG we primarily engage in direct marketing. What is direct marketing? It is the selling of a product or service through direct, person-to-person contact.

We are similar to other direct marketing firms but we do not operate through catalog, coupon or phone sales, which are the most commonly known forms of direct marketing.

With this approach we are very effective in acquiring our clients high quality customers, last year alone over 75% of the American public purchased goods or services through direct sales companies.

Q: What is outsourcing sales?

A: Outsourcing sales is a relatively new industry, although it has been around for over 30 years it has just recently in the last 10 years grown to over a billion dollar industry. The basic idea is larger Fortune 500 companies want to increase their market share but don’t have the time and or resources to invest more into a sales force that gives certain customers a face to face interaction, which is where we step in.

We work with our clients on what their goals are for the quarter and we take those numbers and crush them by representing their company and products with the highest quality and integrity combined with high quantity. Our clients hire us to bring them the highest quality long term customers, sound like something you’re company could benefit from?

Q: Do I need prior management experience to apply for the management training program?

A: A candidate does not need to have prior management experience to be considered for the management training program. We do look for a minimum requirement of a four year degree or experience equivalency.

We believe that we can take someone from any professional background and develop them to have the skills necessary to be a successful manager.

Q: Does everyone have to do sales?

A: We believe that everyone should have a basic understanding of our philosophy towards our sales approach which is simple, relationship first and product second.

Not everyone has to participate in sales full time if they are in administration but if someone is involved in the management training program they will have to learn and do sales.

Q: How can I become a team member at RCG?

A: Go to our Careers Page and hit the submit application button. Our HR department will review your application and CV to determine if you’re a potential candidate that could help our company in our upward growth!

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