Renaissance Consulting Group is proud to announce Kyle Butler’s promotion to assistant manager.

Kyle is one of our top corporate trainers here at RCG. A local Washingtonian raised in Cheney, Kyle has always had a passion in wanting to be the best at everything he does. Kyle attended Washington State University and majored in business marketing where his passion to help developing companies and individuals came to the forefront.

Kyle has always wanted to work with people from a young age managing the retail store Buckle where he went on to be the top sales associate in the nation and he hasn’t slowed down since. Kyle is a very active individual participating in many outside of work activities including being a professional swing dancer, musician and physical training. Kyle is an expert in marketing, sales, communication, corporate training and leadership development.

“I believe that people are at the core of any company or entity. If you don’t have people who are passionate about the end goal you can’t be successful, which is why I love being a team member at RCG. We are all about the team and helping every individual hit their maximum potential, and we just win!”


We asked Kyle how he earned his promotion assistant management promotion in a little over 6 months, and he gave us his top 6 lessons he learned along the way:

1. Act As If — You’ll Always Be Successful

It’s not essential to know everything, it’s possessing the courage to put yourself in situations where you’ll make mistakes and learn from them. I had an internship with Disney when I was in college and one of the most inspiring stories was about Walt as a child. Right before a parade happening in Walt’s city took place, the trombone player in the marching band became ill. Desperate to find another trombone player they began asking people in the crowd if they could play. Right away, a young Walt volunteered himself. The band began to march and then quickly stopped when they heard the sounds coming from their new band member. When confronted about not actually knowing how to play, the young Walt replied, “You asked if I could play the trombone…not if I could play it well.” I’ve always liked that story. To me that is true self belief.

2. Keep It Short And Simple!

I’ve seen too many great people get caught up by overcomplicating and overthinking everything. Everything needs to be simple if it is meant to be transferrable. This includes goals, training, and especially the field. It’s second grade not a quantum physics class.

3. Commitment Is Everything

Three weeks after I told myself, I’d be prepared to spend how ever long it takes to get promoted, there I was. Everything great I hope accomplish in my life requires commitment, having a family, retiring early, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If you truly close all of your backdoors, the path leading towards success becomes clear.

4. Do Unto Others As You Would Wish Upon Yourself

The golden rule applies. Even if the results aren’t immediate, it pays off a thousand times over in the end to help other people accomplish their goals, Our business revolves around relationships.

5. Have A Vision Of Where You Want To Go

It’s nearly impossible to go anywhere if you don’t have a vision of where you want to go. Do this: Picture where you want to be, imagine how it will feel, and then see yourself doing it and then talk about it constantly.

6. Just Do It

Don’t wait around for other people to get promoted. If you think you’ve got what it takes, just do it. I remember for a moment I thought I should wait until I was “ready.” Then I realized I would never be ready if I continued to think that way. I starting focusing on the steady progress I was making rather than focusing how far along in my development I was compared to others. I became so consumed with improving each and everyday that I completely stopped caring about comparing myself to others and suddenly I look up and I had passed everyone.

Renaissance Consulting Group and the entire team are excited to see all that Kyle will accomplish.