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Meet The Team



Christopher Johnson


Chris is originally from Corvallis, OR in a small town where family and helping others came first. Driven by his competitive nature Chris participated in organized sports his entire life including playing soccer, basketball and football. He then went on to attend Western Washington University majoring in political science where he learned to think and dream big.

Chris is an expert in working with multiple fortune 100 clients training people with sales, marketing, public speaking and all elements that cross-train into management positions. Chris believes that with passion, integrity and hard work anything is possible if given the right opportunity.

“I love what I do! I am so proud that our company provides a service to our fortune 100 clients that can’t be found anywhere else today. But what I’m most excited about is the culture and the people that we have here at RCG, we believe in “we” instead of “me” because if we help each other we in turn help ourselves. We believe in work hard, play hard, never giving up until we hit our goals.

My goal is to provide opportunity for every single person on our team and I won’t stop until I have helped every member of our team hit their goals.”


Kyle Redman


Born and raised in a small town named Declo, Idaho, Kyle has been instilled with a foundation of strong family values and character from day one. He participated in sports growing up being the quarterback for the football team and starting point guard for his high school which he then played college basketball at the College of Idaho. During his time at the College of Idaho Kyle studied business management which was the first step in his career to being a managing partner here at RCG.

Kyle is an expert in sales, corporate training, communications, planning, client relations, human resources, recruiting and management.

“My passion is all about people, whether it is the client, customers, or our team my mission is to help and deliver. Here at RCG our mission is to be the best sales and marketing team here in the northwest and we do whatever it takes to do so and our foundation is the amazing team we have here.

The account reps, corporate trainers and senior corporate trainers are the reason we have such a great track record and are growing so quickly, I can’t wait to see what this upcoming year will bring!”


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Our teams are reliable, confident, driven, motivated
and are keen to prove themselves in this industry
and that’s what our clients want from their outsourced sales and marketing firms.

We want to expand our client’s market base as quickly as
we train managers to be in charge of those campaigns.

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